Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just relax, I'm still Listening To It

Notice: I am soaking up as much of the new Springsteen album, Wrecking Ball, as possible before giving my opinion.

Initial assessment? This is a terrific album. I'm not sure it's a late-career masterpiece like Magic, but it's right up there. Lots of power, lots of emotion, and lots of musical exploration. It's great to see The Boss come out with something that feels very much of his catalog, with the folk and Irish elements, and also way outside the box, with samples and other very modern techniques.

But more personally, this album makes me think of the work I do at Stage left...

(bear with me)

...I realize THAT'S the kind of "political" theatre I want to make. It has a point, but "has a beat and you can dance to it." It's angry, but also ready to embrace the joys that life offers. It's smart, but not on an overwrought, intellectualized level. It's the full fucking package.

Full review coming...probably Monday

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