Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Mind Is Strong, but the Body Needs a Minute

So, Frankenstein is underway, and, as usual, I've had a problem early on. It seems that it always happens to me, I get excited to dive into a rehearsal process, and then...something happens that spins me out of sorts for the first few weeks. In this case, I'm sort of in double crap.

First, this is a heavy fight show. I mean HEAVY. Almost every, single time I walk on stage there is some sort of violence. Wouldn't you know that my writ picks exactly this time to start hurting. I don't know if it's a sprain, or a twist, or what. I don't think it's carpal tunnel, which was my first, horrendous fear. I've done a couple of the quick checks reccommended online...looks like that's not it.

I think it's a sprain. Which at least should heal with some rest. I've been icing and using the heating pad at night, and wearing a brace all day and in rehearsals. Doing what you're supposed to do, but, the big problem is, with this much choreography, I can't just not do the fights. Man, I feel it every time my left hand turns just a tad too far the wrong way.

The worst part is, I have two lifts in the show, and, at this point, I simply cannot accomplish them. They're important to the story, and great character moments. Not doing them would break my heart.

Which, of course, I'm worried about. It's just a stupid sprain, right? Still, you mind races forward. What if I can't do it by the time we open? I'm not lifting weights right now, because of this. What if I get fat(ter)? What if it's like this forever!?!

Of course, I'm also just exhausted. I didn't even do cardio this morning, because I just wanted to sleep. Which is probably for the best, but you know how I get. Miss a day, and I start the guilt trip. It just reminds me that I should make it a priority to get in better shape than I am now. Not that I'm in terrible shape, but I could be better.

The worst part is I think this whole injury is making me paranoid about the whole show. I have started worrying about, well, everything. Is the mental growth of the Creature right? Am I going too far, emotionally? Not far enough? My Meisner work over the last year or so has pushed me even more toward the "listen and react" school, but rarely do you find a character who's given circumstances change and evolve so quickly. From a non-speaking, well, blank, if we get down to brass tacks, to a cunning and brutal strategist.

I find myself, each time we start a scene, trying to plot where the character is in his evolution. What that means for how he thinks and reacts. It's rare to have a character who's such a blank slate. In a way it would seem easier, and it honestly may be, once we start running the show in order. Now, however, with the scenes so out of context and order...It's just difficult.

Of course, I wanted this because it would be difficult. I just didn't really expect the physical toll. Use it, right? Use the pain.

Previews start September 28th.

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