Monday, November 5, 2012

I Shall Seek Out The Northernmost Extremity of the Globe...

...where no light shall shine on the sight of me, and there, I shall die.

One Hundred and Six hours of rehearsal.

Twenty-Two performances

Twenty hours putting on make-up

Fifteen hours taking off make-up

Two Hundred and Twenty temporary tattoos

Ten hours of fight call

Fourty-Four Ibuprofen tablets.

One package coughdrops

Nine dead characters

One strange performance where the stage monitor apparently stared playing the soundtrack of a porn movie.

Eight actors who impressed and inspired even in my darkest moments

One Stage Manager who handled a lot, and still managed to give a beat-up creature a ride home

One Director who gave us the chance, and trusted us all the way

Thank you to the cast; Ed Krystosek, Sandy Elias, David Fink, Evan Johnson, Lindsey Falls, Jennifer T. Grubb,Catherine Gillsepie, Daniel Pass, and Eustace Allen.

Thank you to our designers; Ian Anthony, Devin Caroll, Tom Kieffer, Robert Kuper, David Yondorf, and Ray Toler

Thank you to our Stage Manager; Norine McGrath

Than you to our Director; Terry McCabe

I'll miss the show, I'll miss the people, and I'll miss The Creature, but I'm ready to be away from the make-up, and the toll the role took on me, physically.

Bless you all, and thank you all.


I am completely ashamed of myself that I forgot to mention our lovely playwright Bo List, who crafted a lovely adaptation of Shelly's novel. Thank you for the words, good sir.

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