Friday, December 14, 2012

Yes, I Am Sad...

...and I have nothing but love and prayers for those children, and their families. Nothing in the world I can say will make it better, or changed what happened.

That said, something else needs to be said:

I say this not to be callous, although I'm sure the accusation will come. Bad things happen. Bad things have always happened, and will always happen. We just happen to live in a world where bad things get splattered on our computer and TV screens in 10 seconds, rather than hours later. It gives us a false sense of personal connection, and personal stakes, in something that really isn't about us, at all.

I am not "outraged." I am saddened. I am not taking this horrible act as a personal affront. It's simply because it really has nothing to do with me. It has to do with those people, those children, those parents, and if I were to try to make it about my feelings, or my issues, would be, frankly, disgusting.

This is a moment when I know how utterly and completely stupid social media is. How useless it really is at "communication." How happy some people are to jump up on their soapboxes and pontificate in the most useless and self-aggrandizing ways. Especially when it's a Facebook post, for example, almost literally defines the idea of preaching to the choir.

The blood is in the water, and the sharks can smell it, they're gonna keep tearing at the body until it's ripped to shreds, and pat themselves on the back for it. Take a tragic moment and make it about them. They can't even give it a day to let it just be about the victims.

To all the parents I know who tweeted or posted that they were going to hug their kids extra hard tonight. Bless you, and know that you focused on what was important in a moment like this. You are the best of us. I hope the whole world would read your posts, and skip over the lectures, speeches and sermons.

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