Friday, February 22, 2013

Hello, It's Been a While

Well, I've been a bit lax, haven't I?

So much going on. Pygmalion has closed. Peyton Place getting ready to open, opening tonight, actually.

Obviously, I had some pride in Pygmalion. It was a script that I brought to the table, and the show was well-received. Great cast, good people. That said, I was happy to be done.

If nothing else, I got to shave and cut my hair. It was all gone within 24 hours of walking off stage for the last time.

Honestly, I've been slow getting on with the blog just because I've felt...slow. I'm tired. Very, very tired. It's been 12 days since Pygmalion closed, and those twelve days feel like months. I mean, I went right into full runs and tech for Peyton after Pygmalion closed, and that felt a lot like whiplash.

Then I got in a car accident. I got rear-ended, and pushed into the car in front of me. Of course, this happened on the day that was supposed to be my "day off" to relax before tech kicked in. The car's a mess, but I feel fine. The insurance company wanted to total it, but we decided to get it fixed. It's a good little car and CByrd and I love it.

Honestly, I cannot wait to not have rehearsals to go to. This year has been a blessing, I've been working on one thing or another, solid, since last...June, I think. It's great to know that so many people enjoy and want to work with me, but God, I am tired.

I want some free time again, I want to work on music (Jesus, that song and dance, again?). I have a few things on the far horizon, and I will need to start poking around for a Fall project soon, but I am blissfully free of commitments until June. I'm sure 2 weeks after Peyton Place closes, I'll have a panic attack/breakdown about never getting hired again, but I need to not be working for a bit.

In June I'll be doing a one-night performance of a lovely little script as part of Leapfest X, called Your Teacher is Out Today. It's a one-man show, and we're only doing it once. So, I'll let you know about that.

In may, it's vacation time. It sounds like we'll be kicking around England, again. Including Cardiff, where we're sure to visit this.

I'm determined to get some of this music finished. I'm also determined to get some more writing done. I'm generally determined to have some time off, and be productive with it.


  1. Don't forget to be determined to hang out with me and my lovely wife as well!