Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Music Project Update 7.4.2013

So, spent some time last night working on Cliffs of Moher, I did a scratch vocal track. Then I managed to get the mandolin track done, and also lay down the bodhran drum and a shaker for some percussion.

And damn if it doesn't sound pretty good. Needs some fine mixing, and a bit of reverb and EQ, but it sounds like what I wanted it to, a folk tune. The rhythm was tricky, as the verses have repeating measures of, I think, 2/4 time in the midst of pretty regular 4/4 for the rest of the track. It's actually kind of similar to a bit in the verses of  Hourglass from my first CD.

So, I need to do a final vocal track, maybe lay in some backing vocals, mix and master, and one more down...bringing my total to 3 completed tracks. I'm off on Friday, so I expect to have something by the weekend.  My goal is still 12 tracks, ultimately. I'm not expecting to finish by my birthday, at this point. Especially with Warped rehearsals starting.

Next? It's back to rock.

Which means, after being packed up for several weeks to accommodate guests, the Roland kit is coming out again. I'm excited. I'm not a great drummer, but I have a blast pounding on this thing.

Actually, the whole project has taken a turn. I'm energized and invigorated now. I think actually getting something done is helping. It's really exciting to spend a few hours on something and have a completed song that sounds much better than what I could do with my 8-track and drum machine. I'm back in that zone where the work is driving itself. With each track I want to do more, I think about the riffs and stuff I have waiting. I enjoy simply playing more than I have in a while.

I am finding myself somewhat torn about sharing the completed tracks on soundcloud, as I have with the works in progress material. I yearn for feedback, but I also have an intense desire to wait, and lift the shroud on the whole project when it's done. I have people asking for the tracks, wanting downloads, etc, which I can certainly do in soundcloud, but I am definitely not going to allow downloads until the whole thing is ready. I may stream a few more tracks, but I want to keep the eventual CD a special thing.

One advantage to that is that it keeps me from wanting to tinker more and more. Every time I get feedback, I want to revise. In a lot of ways, it's the total opposite of where I get with acting. Once I've set my path in a show, it's set. Bad reviews, snarky comments (and hell, positive comments) have zero effect. I set my path based on what I feel works, and let it play out. Honestly, it's just about experience and confidence. I am a damn good actor, and I have years, decades, of experience to draw on. As a musician and songwriter, I still consider myself a learner.

Although, I am really happy with these tracks, so far...maybe confidence is just around the corner.

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