Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I want to achieve. I want to create. I have turned my life to these ambitions.

In the back of my head, I have a neo-noir screenplay I want to put on paper. Something that's about mood and style, not big action. I want to wallow in cliche, but put my own spin on it. A down-on-his-luck, somewhat, or maybe more than somewhat, alcoholic private detective, confronted with a dangerous woman from his past, and a case that takes him too far. A man who's moral failings are only matched by this righteous anger. A man past his prime, and all too aware of it.

Like I said, wallowing in cliche, but fun.

I find myself thinking about Robert Rodriguez, and his advice about micro-budget filmmaking....what do you have?

I have Chicago.

Chicago, to me, screams detective fiction. I get inspiration just walking around downtown.

Maybe I could never actually shoot the thing....but maybe I could. All I know is that this story has been percolating for far, far too long, and I need to dig into it. Break out the laptop and the screenwriting software.


  1. I have some Transformers and a camera and friends to do silly voices and that's it.