Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Feeling it Today - I'm One

I'm One
by The Who

Every year is the same
And I feel it again,
I'm a loser - no chance to win.
Leaves start falling,
Come down is calling,
Loneliness starts sinking in.

But I'm one.
I am one.
And I can see
That this is me,
And I will be,
You'll all see
I'm the one.

Where do you get
Those blue blue jeans?
Faded patched secret so tight.
Where do you get
That walk oh so lean?
Your shoes and your shirts
All just right.
But I'm one etc.

I got a Gibson
Without a case
But I can't get that even tanned look on my face.
Ill fitting clothes
I blend in the crowd,
Fingers so clumsy
Voice too loud.

But I'm one. 

I have a friend who finds this song depressing, and I suppose I can see that...

But, for me, it's always been a statement of defining oneself in a crowd where you always feel a bit out of step. I've never felt like part of any group, really. My iconoclastic and individualistic streak is simply far too strong, and my beliefs far too ingrained, to allow myself to "blend in."

I'm sure a lot of people hate me for it, or at least dread it when I open my mouth. I, however, tend to see that as indicative of how mired we've become, as a society, in the idea of wanting to be validated. Politics, culture, the internet, seems to me it's all about making damn sure that we're never the person who's not in on the joke, or who thinks a little different.

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