Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I Grow Weary

I love Super Heroes. I love comic books. With passion, I love these things. I have been an avid reader and fan since I could read. The mythology and their place as teachers of moral codes is unparallelled and deserves respect. I am who I am because of these characters...I would never give up one iota of what they have given me in my life.


I think I am completely burnt out on film and TV adaptations. I feel like I'm drowning in superheroes.

Every once in a while I get excited because something looks different or unexpected, but, in the main...It's like an obligation, not a joy. I'll see Avengers, I'll see Ant-Man, I'll see Fantastic Four (and the last one actually has been surprising me with the imagery that's been released), but I can't say I feel excited about any of them. I am also just simply bored to tears with Robert Downey Jr's shtick.

I watched Daredevil, and was left pretty cold. Darkness and noir style I can enjoy (and, in fact, I love it), but brutality and gore simply doesn't work for me. I can't get through a single episode of SHIELD, let alone a full season. Arrow is working for me, to a point...I AM excited to start watching The Flash, as a life-long fan of the character.

I admit, I didn't hate the Batman v Superman teaser, mainly because they've taken my main problem with Man of Steel and addressed it head-on. That was unexpected, and intriguing. It also, like Fantastic Four, doesn't look like any of these other films.

Mad Max makes me excited. The Star Wars stuff makes me excited. Tomorrowland makes me excited. Things that are new, or have been away for a good, long while.

But, here I am a lifelong fan...and I'm sorta bored with the whole superhero thing. I shocks me. I can't imagine what a "civilian" might be starting to feel.

Now, I know exactly the reaction that I'm going to get there...that I am wrong, that it's a golden age. That Marvel Studios is perfect in every way. If you feel that way, fantastic, but I am also pretty fed up with a fandom that resembles cheering for a sports team.

I often wonder if that isn't my problem. I feel inundated with stuff I am supposed to be excited about because everyone else is, and if I don't agree, or offer mild criticisms, I'm "the guy who hates everything." Well, maybe I am, but so be it.

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