Friday, July 16, 2010

Hi, I'm The Guy That Hates Everything

I apparently have this reputation as a guy who dislikes everything.

Which I find funny.

I think you could ask CByrd, or any of my friends, when I like something, I LIKE it to the point of annoyance. It took my friend KenG months to get me to watch Firefly, but when I did it was all over. I was rabid for it, trying to get EVERYONE to watch it.

Here's the thing, Firefly isn't perfect. Nothing is. I could watch any episode of that series, probably with the exception of "Jaynestown," and give you a list of problems or ways I felt it could be better.

I love Star Trek with a white-hot fire, and 60% of the time, it sucks. I don't mean in a "oh this is not great for this show" way, I mean in a "God, if I didn't love these characters so much I wouldn't subject myself to this" way.

It really seems we've fallen into a realm where people can't fathom you might be disappointed with something you profess to enjoy. I like The Swell Season quite a bit, but I wasn't blown away by their concert at Ravinia on Wednesday. Some people react to that like I've kicked their dog.

When I honestly say I don't like something, or some element of something, that's not something you ought to take personally. Especially when you had nothing to do with creating what I'm criticizing. I don't get how people can get so up in arms about things.

Take when Superman Returns came out. I liked it, I really did. I felt like the design and look of the film, as well as the overall feel was exactly right for a Superman movie. I also said I felt it was far too beholden to the Richard Donner/Christopher Reeve version of the character, and, particularly in the case of Brandon Routh's performance, who I honestly think could be a great Superman, it really hamstrung the film.

I got a LOT of flack from a lot of people who really wanted to love that movie. Now, judging by the online community, everyone hates it. Go figure.

I endeavor to be honest with my opinions. If I truly hate something, I won't even bother. I also reject those that say I put to much thought into movies that don't deserve it. Hell, I liked G.I. Joe.

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