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New Comic Day 1.26.2010

It's been a quiet week on the blog, my friends. Busy life all around me, but I will not forsake you on New Comic Day!!

Detective Comics #873 $2.99
Art and cover by JOCK

Now at the mercy of the deadly Mirror House, Dick Grayson must fight for his life against one of Gotham City's oldest and most powerful evils!. Be here for the shocking conclusion to "The Black Mirror," the first arc by the highly anticipated new creative team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Jock!

Last issue had a TREMENDOUS cliffhanger. Loved it, love what Snyder and Jock are doing here. More than any other book right now (with the MAYBE exception of Batman: Streets of Gotham - which is actually going back on my pull list), Detective Comics feels like classic Batman. Which is sorta fitting, being the title of origination. This despite the lack of Bruce Wayne in the title. I am dying to see what Snyder and Jock will do when they have Bruce to play around with. I really, really hope they stay on the title long enough to find out. Big kudos to this new creative team.

SHAZAM! #1 $2.99

Blaze, the current ruler of Hell, has an offer for Mary and Billy Batson that may be too good to pass up! Left powerless, will the two former heroes have the strength to deny the devil? Can Freddy Freeman save them? And how does the Titan Osiris fit into it all? Find out here, in this one-shot special written by Eric Wallace (TITANS) with art by Cliff Richards (THE ROAD HOME: BATMAN & ROBIN #1)!

Not at all afraid to tell you this one-shot makes me nervous. Captain Marvel/SHAZAM! is a title/character/concept that DC needs to exploit. It's a Golden Age icon, that even out-sold Superman for a time, legally crushed by DC as a Superman knock-off. The character has gone around and around the DC Universe, trying to find someplace to land. It's even a whole family of heroes, with tons of marketing potential. Yet, DC can't seem to find a creative team and concept to make it work.

Right now, the whole thing is a mess. They're trying to turn Captain Marvel (I don't care who owns the damn copyright on the name...the character is CAPTAIN MARVEL) into a legacy hero, and it's just not right. Especially, with Freddy Freeman as Captain Marvel, Jr, and Mary Batson as Mary Marvel serving as a "family" (In Mary's case, literally) to Billy Batson's Captain Marvel (Shazam is the wizard that gave them powers). This is already a legacy concept, you don't have to much around with it.

What you do need to do is use the "multiverse" you spent so much time re-creating for the DC titles, and give the Marvel/SHAZAM! family their own universe to inhabit. A funky, odd, less "realistic" universe from the mainstream DC titles. Let it be goofy and a bit silly! Stop trying to shoehorn the concept into the oh-so-serious Mainstream DC Universe.


But you won't do that. How can you use them in crossovers if they're on a whole different version of earth?

If you're bound and determined to keep them in the mainstream continuity, I really hope this one-shot starts setting the pieces back where they ought to be.

Why am I buying it? I want to support the character, and see more done with him.

Captain America #614 $3.99
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Butch Guice
Cover: Marko Djurdjevic
The Trial of Captain America continues its roller-coaster ride! With Bucky's trial distracting our heroes, the new Red Skull plots a terror attack at the heart of America!

OK. New Red Skull. Great.

Terror attack. Great.

I'm sure there will be some convoluted process to get Bucky out of court to foil this nefaroius plot...

When, well...Steve's sitting RIGHT THERE.


Hey, and Captain America is still $3.99 an issue. way to go, Marvel.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #152 $2.99
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Sara Pichelli
Cover: J. Scott Campbell

DON’T MISS THIS FAN FAVORITE AND CRITICALLY-ACCLAIMED SERIES! The Black Cat is back!! What secret does Mysterio hold from the Kingpin's past that will start a turf war across all of New York? And what does it have to do with poor Peter Parker? Speaking of poor Parker, his afterschool super hero training starts right here!! First teacher... Iron Man!!

Always a great read. Nice to see the Ultimate version of Black Cat back in action, and the plotline Bendis is spinning is full of possibilities. From Mysterio assassinating Wilson "Kingpin" Fisk, to Peter being force into training with members of The Ultimates, he's got a number of plates spinning. I'me really excited to see how they play out with "The Death of Spider-Man," and the return of Mark Bagley to the title.

And, hey, look! A $2.99 price point!

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