Monday, April 30, 2012

I Have Booked Rehearsal Space

Myself, a bassist, and a drummer.

*and there was much rejoicing*

Of course, thinking about the $50 it's gonna cost for 3 hours in the room makes me remember getting together in a garage with Dave F and Larry D back in the day. Yeah, I sucked back then, but we had fun. And it was free.

It's still a few weeks away (May 19th), but I'm feeling good about it. We're going to work on some of my material, so, I'm FINALLY going to hear some of it with a real drummer. I'm excited for that, of course.

This also means I have to get some of my crap together and make some recordings so they'll have some idea of what's coming at them. I was hoping to get to it this past weekend, but...yeah. Didn't happen. Still, I'm feeling pretty inspired right at the moment, AND pretty good about my playing, in general. I feel ready to move forward, and put energy into making the time to do that.

I still miss Dave and Larry, though.

Ah, well, you move on right? It is nice to feel in control of what I'm doing on the guitar. My lead playing could still use work, I know this, but my riffing and rhythm work feels solid. I finally feel like I can get out of my own way, a little bit, and just play.

I'm also going to give a big endorsement for the locking tuners I put on the Les Paul. Holy crap, it stays in tune so much better now. Night and day, almost. So much more stable. Definitely a worthwhile purchase.

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