Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Always When You're Trying to Save

Man, it's been a couple of weeks.

Dropped my Zune (yes, I use a Zune, and LOVE it) on the train platform, and cracked the crap out of the screen. Still works, but I hate seeing those jagged shards. I keep waiting form them to start falling out. Eventually, I'll have to get some sort of replacement.


I'll probably have to go to an iPod. It was sort of a point of pride, to me, that i didn't have any Apple stuff. I know, I know, different jut to be different. Still, with the questions about how their factory workers are treated, I find the kind of myth-making the company indulges to be more than a little disturbing. I have no bone to pick here, if you use and enjoy Apple products, good for you. I'll probably have an iPod sooner or later, but...not happily.

I also picked up new locking tuners for my Les Paul. I had been having some tuning issues with the guitar, nothing horrendous, but annoying enough that I was looking for a way to make the tuning more stable. It wouldn't be a huge issue, but I've grown to really love the feel of my Les' neck, and how it plays. It feels much more natural than my Stratocaster, which I still use for cleaner playing. The Les has a bit too much "chunk" for lighter styles.

I looked at several brands, but all of them required a lot of work to fit the Les Paul. Drilling new holes, etc. Was not in a place where I wanted to do that to the guitar, and I really don't have the skill, anyway. Then I found a Klusen locking tuner that not only looked like the stock tuners, but would fit the guitar without modification. Yeah, they have a higher profile, with the locking mechanism on the face of the headstock, rather than underneath, but I kinda dig the look. (I almost want to get black locks, as in the picture - I think it looks cool)

More importantly, they work very slickly. It took me around a half hour to get them installed, very easy process. Once they were on, string changing became MUCH more simple. Put the string through, lock it down, a few tune. (I did manage to break my 4th string [D] while stretching, but I think that was my own fault) It's stayed pretty well in tune ever since. I'm calling this a good investment. Long-term reactions may vary.

Then, of course, it rained today, and I noticed the tell-tale moistening of my sock. Yet another pair of shoes has given up the go.  My Nike Delta Force high tops have worn through the sole, again. I don't wanna be one of those "in MY day" people, but I really do remember shoes lasting a lot longer when I was a kid.

Cbyrd likes to point out that I buy a pair of shoes, and then wear it, exclusively, until it wears out. Yeah, I can see how that would make my shoes wear out faster than somebody who has two or three pairs they rotate through, but when I was a kid I did the same thing! I just think the shoes don't last as long.

But hell, I guess nothing really does.

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