Friday, October 26, 2012

My Guitar

I played for a little bit Wednesday night. 

God, it felt good. I felt like I could play, that I could make the thing sound any way I wanted. That I could make it scream and sigh as I wished.

That doesn't always happen. There's plenty of times you just sit there with this dead thing in your hands, trying will your fingers, and it, to do something, anything remotely like what you hear in your head. Sometimes, it's all you can do to not smash the damn thing against the wall. 

I love acting. I do. I love the fulfillment of throwing myself, whole hearted, into a story, a person who I give my body to. Taking the experiences and tossing them back to the audience, and getting back from them again. Not that that always happens, but...when it does....

But I want to play more. I want to play regularly. I want to create music. I want to make these songs I have in my pocket fuller, stronger. I want to jam with Pauly C. 

I need it. 

Listening to The Sword's Apocryphon almost non-stop since Tuesday, and it's awesome. I hope to have a review up next week.


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