Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Music Project Update 6.26.2013

The New Toy
Last night I managed to get a full, clean acoustic guitar track for the third track I'm working on, Cliffs of Moher. It's another ballad/primarily acoustic track. Ultimately, I'm working on this kind of stuff, because we have company coming, and my studio will very shortly become a guest bedroom. Which makes it difficult to set up the drums and really go after a drum track.

I'll get back to it, however, don't you fret. Moher is the last track of this nature I've written for this cycle of tunes. However, it's also fast becoming the most complicated. I picked up a (scratch & dent) mandolin on Saturday, and, after teaching myself the needed chords, it's going to figure prominently in this number. As well as a bodhran drum that CByrd brought back from one of her Irish tips for me.

Yeah, I'm hoping for a BIT of a folk tune feel on this one...which I'll probably not manage, but, hey, I am sure it will stand out, and have it's own identity, in terms o this whole project.

One challenge I discovered is that, when I wrote this tune, the guitar part, I was playing very freely, time-wise. After working with the metronome and click track, I found that some of it was in 2/4, some in 4/4, and some in 3/4. I attempted to piecemeal the whole track together for a while, but that process was ultimately pretty frustrating.

I opted to just play the whole guitar track live. Which had it's own frustrations, as I was still trying to use a click track to keep the tempo. My brain would hear that "1" on the click (slightly louder), and then I'd start thinking I was off. Of course I was, how could I not be?

However, last night I got a full, clean track down. Sounds pretty good. I doubled it, and now I have to start laying in the mandolin and other stuff. I'm excited for what may come.

MonkeySex and The Rain Came Down are both....(drum roll)...done! Or as done as they're going to get with me. Neither a perfect, but I felt like I got where I needed to be with them. I bumped up the volume in mastering, and..there you have it.

I am finding myself in a bit of a struggle about the whole Hayoth thing. Part of me is feeling like this
stuff isn't going to be different enough from the previous "Mark Pracht" tracks and CDs to justify the concept. But, then again, I like the concept...

Honestly, I shouldn't even be thinking about this stuff, now. I'm a long way from being done. Still, even with going through another "burning the ships" process, and deleting all the half-finished tracks that had been sitting around, I've got two FINISHED tracks, and one getting closer. It's good news.

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