Thursday, June 20, 2013

On A Positive Note - More On Hayoth

Earlier this month, I shared the first two "works in progress" mixes for early tracks from my long-gestating (some might say "suffering") Hayoth music project.

I re-mixed "MonkeySex" on Tuesday night, re-recorded the vocals on the verses. Also re-did the guitar solo. Cut a lot of the double tracking on the guitars and bass. Re-thought the EQ on those tracks, as well. I feel like it's allowed the dynamics to pop a bit.

The original mix felt a bit muddy, to me. Plus, the vocals were kinda undercooked. I mean, the lyrical content wasn't Shakespeare, but that was intentional. I think my revised take at least sells it a bit more. I left the chorus and the quick pre-chorus bit alone. Yeah, they're over-processed, which I think I'll try to avoid in the future, but I like the feel of it.

Plus, another run at it gave me a chance to bump up the volume, which has been a recurring problem with my musical projects. I've been somewhat afraid of clipping, and I think that's put me in a too-cautious headspace. I think I've rode the line pretty good on this re-mix.

All in all, I think it's better. I haven't got the final file transferred to a version I can put on Soundcloud, but that will happen soon.

I'm also going to re-visit "The Rain Came Down," but I think it needs much less work. Mainly in trying to pop the volume a bit. I'm (astoundingly) pretty happy with the song as it is...even the vocals. Which NEVER happens, ask anybody. The reaction on that one has been more positive than negative, as well.

So, "if it ain't broke..."

Which isn't to say it's perfect. God, no. Far from. That said, I like the feel of it, warts and all. Which  may be, in fact, the first thing I've ever recorded that I can say that about.

That's progress.

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