Thursday, January 29, 2015

I Have an Urge

To start writing again.

I am looking at a nice, long break from acting. I have nothing lined up as of this moment, and trips planned for April and May. My hope is that I can go back into rehearsals at the end of May, and have a show for the Summer.

( None-too-subtle subtext here...If you have an audition for a show in that general slot...shoot me a line.)

Part of that time off is going to be pointed to other creative work. Obviously, my Hayoth music project continues to develop, but I am also looking to get back into playwriting. It's been a long time since I've completed even a short play, and even longer since anything was even remotely developed or produced. Neon was a long time ago, and the western adaptation that I hammered out on spec seems like years ago.

I think it's time to start it up again.

I have an idea, a trilogy of subject-connected plays about the comic book industry. I have a pretty good idea of what each will be about, and have done some preliminary research. Research coupled with my own knowledge, of course...but the first play, in particular, there is a scene that I want to be accurate. The first is a larger story, but the second two will be more intimate and personal.

I think the form is so wonderful, and I want to channel my passion into something creative, and the series idea that I worked on with Zach Bosteel just kind of petered out after one zero issue. I have no animosity about that, Zach and I are still good friends. It's just a busy world, and why draw for free when there's paid work available.


This is really to just publicly about what I am aiming at. A lot of my friends know about this idea, and have reacted positively, but I needed somethign to hold myself accountable with.

This blog post is it.

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