Friday, August 28, 2009

And people said I was crazy....

Yup, Avatar hate is in full swing.

Oh, folks, I am so sorry for you who's ideas of "badass" are so narrow as to be dissapointed that the space marines are actually the bad guys this time.

I am still hopeful, and ready for the journey Cameron wants to take me on, instead of some fanboy's fevered dream of what it ought to be.

For my Facebook friends, find the video here.

Of course I'd also like to point out this little bit of ridiculousness.

Oh, of course, a video that takes some shots at Cameron doesn't reflect the opinion anybody at Ain't It Cool News. God, why do I still read that site? It's ridiculous.

I'm all for some positivity from fandom. We need it, we're all too busy hating everything now. (as this reaction to Avatar shows) That said, AICN is just a nest of star-f*ckers, at this point.

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