Thursday, August 20, 2009


So, the teaser trailer for Jim Cameron's latest opus, his first since Titanic, just hit.

Find it: HERE

So, I've watched it twice.

I'm convinced of one thing here, this will be the biggest fanboy letdown since The Phantom Menace. I mean, since late last year, the fanboy call has gone out "F*cking your eyeballs in December, 2009." The general vibe is, basically, how can Jim "badass" Cameron make a movie in IMAX digital 3-D that is anything less than mind-blowing?

Once again, the fanboy community gets hung up on the visual.

That's where Cameron will fall down. He's asking us to accept CGI creations as, essentially, our main characters. The same fanboys that are chafing their neither regions in anticipation of this film are also the ones bitching and moaning about the over-use of CGI in every other film that comes out. The fanboy assumption, once again, is that somehow they will be able to ignore that these are CG creations.

They never do, they never will.

Now, me, personally? I'm jazzed. I think it's a little amusing to use all this tech to essentially re-make Dances With Wolves set on another planet. I'm confident in Cameron's ability to make me care about his story, even if I'm keenly aware that the images aren't "real." Hell, Pixar makes me weep with almost every film, and that's not even attempting to be "realistic."

The problem with fanboy anticipation is that they're obsessed with being dazzled, visually. Me, I want a fun story. While they're staring at the tech, trying desperately to be f*cked in the eyeballs, I'll be trying to get involved with the characters. Boys and girls, please re-think how you're looking at this movie...

Because the trailer...looks, tech-wise, like any number of other movies you've seen.

But the story...may be amazing.

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