Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Never thought I'd hear new Alice in Chains

But here I am, writing a blog and listening to the new album, When Black Gives Way to Blue, streaming on their website.

Good stuff. I'll probably download it next Tuesday morning.

Yep. Download.

I gave in.

I have to admit, it has more to do with space than anything. I have a ton of DVDs and Blu-Rays, and the CDs have become something I'd like to slip into storage, and use that space for more movies. It's gonna be a little while before I want all my movies on a computer. Plus, I mostly listen to music on my Zune now, I rarely put in a CD at home.

It's gonna be a long damn time before I want to watch a movie on my computer.

Like, forever.

This is barring travel and such...I can certainly see myself watching a movie on my laptop during a flight or something. Even HULU, can't stand it, can't stand watching stuff on my computer. Don't even get me started on watching somthing on the Zune. I mean, it's neat to watch The Guild or something on the train, but if you think I'm EVER going to think watching The Dark Knight on my Zune is anything more than a novelty, you are seriously high.

We've already ruined the moviegoing experience because Bob and Jane Idiot can't understand there's a difference between renting a movie and watching it in your living room and GOING TO THE MOVIES. Y'know, sharing an experience with others means shutting your mouth and not having a full-volume conversation because Jane can't make heads or tails out of the plot for Austin Powers. Or my personal favorite, when the complaints begin because the plot isn't crystal clear from frame one. Does no one understand the concept of WATCHING THE MOVIE, and maybe getting what's going on from that?

No wonder Hollywood makes movies for morons, this is the audience. This is why we have Transformers 3 coming, folks....


Gives me a headache. Seriously.

Now you can watch on the train! The time when a movie was an event to give your full attention to is long gone.

Yet, I keep going, because I LOVE movies, and because I believe that in a crowded room of people is the way they are to be seen. When it works, and we all work and react in consort with the film...it's transcendant, beautiful.

You can't put that on a Zune.

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