Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday's thing...

Let's see....

I was off the grid for most of the weekend, and Friday, due to a surgical procedure for CByrd. All is well, and we're doing pretty well on the recovery.

**knocking on wood**

Yesterday, well, was a bit busy at work. So, I didn't make the 5-10 minutes to bang out a blog. No big deal, I know nobody's hanging on the edge of their seat for them.

My back picked yesterday to go on strike again. I'm stiff as all hell, and just wish to God I could pop the damn thing. It's something that comes and goes with me, I'll have "episodes" once or twice a year, with a few days of discomfort. Sometimes not too bad, sometimes worse. Guess it comes with the years, and the mileage. LOL!

Tonight is the Stage Left Gala/Roast of Kevin Heckman. I know a fun time will be had by all, Stage Left is a good group of people, and worthy of your support. Yeah, I know, asking me to become a part of the Ensemble is a lapse on their part, but don't judge them harshly. ;)

Anyway...Otherwise, I'm tired from the weekend, and wrapping up Plans 1-8 From Outer Space. I was happy to do the show, but, man...late-night shows kick my ass. Sean H did a fantastic job writing and directing, and I love that cast. We all had a great time, I think, and they are all superior people. Superior performers, too.

I did manage to get all the tracking done on a new song this weekend. It even worked with the lyrics I had written. (I was amazed, that hardly ever works out.) I probably need to re-track the guitar solo, and then do the vocals, then I can really dig into the other "in progress" track. I've got no theatre work coming up for a while, except for some readings and things like that. I hope I can put my back into the music for a while and get something done. It's been too long.

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