Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Comic Day 2.2.2011 (Blizzard Edition)

Well, with the weather in Chicage being as it is, I really doubt many people will actually get their books in this town. Also check for a new feature at the end of today's blog...

Batman Odyssey #6 (of 12) $3.99
Written by NEAL ADAMS
Art and cover by NEAL ADAMS
1:10 Black and white variant cover by NEAL ADAMS

The first part of Neal Adams's Batman epic comes to a dramatic conclusion as Batman, Deadman and The Joker – working together and against each other – break into Arkham Asylum and confront the doctors who control the most heinous criminals. But does some other powerful individual control these monsters? Is it the Sensei, the deadliest martial artist in the word and leader of the League of Assassins? Or is it Ra's al Ghul, the greatest opponent Batman has ever faced? And is The Dark Knight willing to let Talia die to bring this monstrous clash to an end?

Well, that's the halfway point. I'm sure there will be another round of "this sucks" from the online crowd. Me? I'm enjoying it in much the same way I enjoyed All-Star Batman and Robin. It's a major, classic talent taking Batman and running with it in a very personal way. Yeah, it is a bit "talky," and I wish Adams had given O'Neil a call. You can't argue that the art is amazing, however.

Brightest Day #19 $2.99
1:10 Variant Covers by IVAN REIS

The BRIGHTEST DAYS are numbered as this best-selling series heads toward its shocking conclusion, and fans won't want to miss a single page of the action! "Aquawar" breaks out with Aquaman, Mera, Aqualad and a surprise guest star facing off against the terrorist forces of Black Manta and Siren to keep the vast waters of the world from sinking the United States!

Oh, Jesus..."Aquawar"....I smell another endless crossover event.

Jonah Hex #64 $2.99
Art and Cover by NELSON

Jonah Hex was only looking for a little peace and quiet, but he didn't know it was time for the festival known as San Juan's Day. He also didn't know that this festival tends to bring out the crazy in people, but he should've figured that out as soon as he met Rosa. That big knife in her hand should've been a clue…

Look, folks...Get it through your head. BUY THIS BOOK!!

The Stand: No Man's Land #1 $3.99
Penciller: Mike Perkins
Inker: Tim Bradstreet

While Frannie and Stu struggle to find a balance between their personal lives and their public personas, an unholy, unspeakable alliance is born between Harold Lauder and Nadine Cross. It's a date with destiny, orchestrated by the Dark Man, and it could very well mean doom for the Boulder Free Zone. It's time to commune with the spirits of the dead, True Believers, and their message is clear: "You cannot miss what's coming next!"

Y'know, Marvel's solicitation materials have been for shit lately. Last week, there were no credits for the creative team on Captain America, at all, and this week...Who wrote this?

Anyway, this mega-project has been a pretty solid adaptaion of one of my favorite novels.

Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #5 $3.99
Writer: Tim Bradstreet

New Ultimates

"New Ultimates?" Way to go, Marvel. I have to wait, what? Six months between issues? It would probably help if you'd give us a little something to help remember what's going on.
Capsule Reviews of last weeks books.
I'm hoping to actually set aside a day each week to actually talk about the books after I've read them, as has been suggested. Unfortunately, last week got away from me, but here's a rundown.
Detective Comics #873
Scott Snyder and Jock continue to impress. I'm hoping for a retrun engagement with The Dealer, hopped up on Venom and Man-Bat formula, or not. It's genuinely one of the most logical, original, and creepy new bat-foes in a good long time.
That said, lost points for the "Batman wakes up to something horrible, but...oh, he's just under chemical influence" thing. That lost it's cachet with O'Neil and Adams.
Sold out at my store. Didn't get it.
Captain America #614
As I suspected, Bucky manages to escape custody to tackle the New Red Skull and her crew. He's gotta go handle it, despite the fact that STEVE FRIGGIN' ROGERS told him he would handle it. Once again, I'm struck by the ego on Mr. Bucky Barnes. Yeah, yeah, you're Captain America...but when the REAL Captain America tells you he's gonna handle the situation, it pretty much diffuses my belief in you having to deal with it yourself.
I did love the use of Doctor Faustus, both in the courtroom, and in the paddywagon conversation with Bucky. Ed Brubaker is doing really amazing work with this book, even if I don't like every choice, it's all executed well.
The Nomad back-up feature? It's good, but not great.
Ultimate Spider-Man #152
OK, first off, the Iron Man bit was amazingly funny. I love how these guys are suppoed to teach Peter how to be a hero, but they are so utterly removed from any sort of "regular" life, it's starting off as a disaster. I mean, none of the Ultimates has a "secret identity," they're all celebrities. Stark catches on quick, but it makes complete sense that he'd not even think about flying down to May Parker's house and asking for Spider-Man. Brilliant bit, and I think it point toward how this whole "plan" S.H.I.E.L.D. has cooked up is not going to end well.
Also, the conversation with Gwen was, as usual, letter-perfect. It's just amazing to me how much of a handle Bendis has on these characters.
And, of course, the Black Cat/Mysterio stuff is simmering well. I can't help but figure this is the plotline that's going to erupt when Bagley returns for "The Death of Spider-Man."

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