Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Slow Out of the Gate This Week

Didya hear Radiohead put out a new album?

It's funny, I follow a lovely blog called Burning Wood, and Sal, it's proprietor, didn't overly enjoy the new Radiohead, and boy, the interwebs did not like that.

It always strikes me as really, really funny when someone gets SO upset because someone didn't like something that they did. Or, conversely, if someone did like something they didn't. I got a lot of that when I thought the Star Wars Prequels weren't an abomination. Weaker than the originals? Oh, sure...but I still got enjoyment from them.

So what? What does it matter to you?

I shouldn't be so dismissive. It's fun to discuss and debate and match wits, so if that's why it matters to you, great! If you just want to tell me how stupid I am for that opinion...why are you wasting your time? I mean, I wrote a review of a Frames show a few months back that wasn't glowing, but it certainly wasn't a write-off, either. I suddenly started getting a ton of hits on that entry, because people didn't like what I had to say.

Now, I understand discussing the merits of a review. Everyone does that, and, for a lot of those people, my opinion is moot because I'm not a huge fan. Fair enough. Of course, I'd also say that being a huge fan can blind you to weaknesses that are there.

But whatever.

You're a fan, you love, love, LOVE Radiohead...great. I'm happy for you that they put out a new album. I can see why you're excited, and that's cool.

I am not. Sal liked their early stuff, and they lost him after OK Computer. That opinion is just as valid as yours, and, honestly, has nothing to do with you.

Why take it as a personal affront? Why not, y'know, go listen to the album and be happy that it's in your hot little hands? Enjoy that something you're so enamored with is available for you to listen to.

See, because I don't trust people who seem too concerned with other people's reactions. I can't help feeling like you're overcompensating. Like maybe you're a little scared to not have everyone in lockstep with your opinion.

Sounds like the US as a whole, right now, actually.

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