Saturday, January 2, 2010

What goes around....

Just woke up from an interesting dream, based on the feelings/thoughts of the recent days.

In the dream, I was apparently in Grad School, and studying under Jeff Green, again. I had broken into his apartment...

(It was, of course, the Jeff I remember from dream ever reflexcts "real life." I also acknowledge that criminal activity is a pretty interesting starting point, here.)

...and he'd caught me. The conversation basically turned to my attendance record for his classses. He was giving me deserved shit on this matter, and I said something along the line of that I was only getting my Masters to teach, because it was clear I was never going to make a living otherwise.

What followed was one of those conversations I used to have with Jeff, wherein he let me know, vividly, what kind of an idiot I was being. Then we headed off to class, and met up with Mel Brooks along the way.

...Don't look at me that way. I have no idea why Mel Brooks showed up. He was also, apparently, 100 years older than he actually is. Go figure.

It just struck me as an interesting dream to have, right now.

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