Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Woke Up This Morning

Acutely aware that, despite my declaration last night:

I didn't even TOUCH the guitar. 

This makes me sad. It makes me feel like I let myself down. The worst part is, I'm stewing in it right now. I keep getting on my case about it.

I've almost paid off my 24-track, which means I've had it almost a year. So far, my output has been...nothing. Not one song, not anything. I put up a rough version of one song on soundcloud, but that's it (and that number has changed drastically since then). This is really poor form, on my part. 

I think, in a real sense, my desire to bring in other voices has hobbled me. Mainly because I seem to have very little time to bring in other voices. Paulie C is still open to laying in basslines, but I need to get him tracks to listen to, chord charts, and let him prep to do it. Have I found the time to actually do that work?


I suck.

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  1. Hey, Scott Janus is over. I've got time.

    Writing the next script.