Monday, May 14, 2012

The Hayoth Project Starts to Evolve

For many, many moons, you, my faithful readers have heard me bitch and whine and moan about the "next music project." after cranking out 2 DIY CDs in the space of a few years, I've been at a bit of an impasse with the next group of songs.

I've long considered this the "Hayoth project" because of an album cover I created using the internet meme that was going around a couple of years ago. I just liked the way the band name, the image and the album title went together. As I involve other people, it'll probably evolve, but...these are still Hayoth tracks, in my mind.

I have struggled with my own ruts on this stuff. I really wanted more eyes and ears on it. Somebody to push me, and to push back against. Something to get the juices flowing. I wanted to be in a room playing with other people. 

Well, I'm hoping to have some of that starting very soon. I'm actually getting together with real, live, ACTUAL musicians this coming weekend to jam on some of my ideas. In that spirit, I've made some more very, very, very rough demos of the tracks we'll be playing around with. I thought I'd share, for anyone who wants to sit though several minutes of a guitar and drum machine.

Feedback and comments are welcome. Just bear in mind these are very rough, and are really only for demo purposes. They were done very quickly, with very little work to make them sound professional.

(Apparently, I can no longer embed Soundcloud files here, so I'll provide links)


Monkey Sex
(yes, A working title, I think)

Getting Dollars Back

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