Friday, December 17, 2010

Holy Moley

I am exhausted.

Utterly exhausted. I kinda wonder if I'm not getting sick, as I feel sorta "disconnected" right now.

It's Friday, at least. Four days next week, and then a four day weekend. Time to tough it out.

On the exciting news front, the Tascam is up and running. All hooked up, and I managed to clear out a lot of space in the office, spurred on by it's arrival. Gone is the old desktop computer, unused by anyone for over a year, as well as a HUGE pile of boxes in my closet. My clothes aren't jammed into a corner on their hangers anymore!
So, that's a bonus. 

Now, I just have to figure out how to effectively use the thing. My goal tonight is to get tracks down for two songs, as my friend Paulie is scheduled to come over for a couple hours tomorrow. He's a bassist, and I want to have a couple of things ready. Put him to work, y'know?

It'll be nice to have a "second opinion" on what I'm doing. If he doesn't turn his nose up and say, "that sucks," I figure maybe I'm on the right track.

The real test will be when I get to mixing and mastering...The manual makes HOW to do it, technically, pretty clear, but, y'know, figuring out what each change does to the sound will, I think rightly, be an exercise in trial and error. I mean, what does changing the "knee" do? What the hell is the "knee?" 

We shall find out.

Not my actual setup...I will post pictures soon, promise. Hey! Cool Superman, dude!
As usual, the new equipment has got me excited, and that leads me to set goals. Hourglass 34 was "released" on my thirty-fourth birthday, in 2005. My goal right now is to have these new tracks on disk, with artwork, and in people's hands by my fortieth, which would be August 23rd, 2011. I've got about eight tracks started (which, of course, will be re-worked on the new equipment), so I only need about four more songs. 

And, well, lyrics for what I have already.

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