Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Something That Bugged the Crap Out of Me on The Walking Dead

So, this is probably spoiler material.

I've, along with pretty much everyone else, according to the ratings, been watching The Walking Dead on AMC. In one of the earlier episodes, Merle, a hateful white supremacist, is left handcuffed on a roof, with zombies all around. The key is lost, and the more, shall we say, palatable characters leave him there.

Later they return to rescue him, having an attack of conscience. What they find is the handcuffs still latched, and a severed hand. Graphic, unsettling, and a nice little moment.

Bugged me to death.

Zombies are trying to get to Merle, but the door is chained shut, keeping them off the roof pretty effectively. There's no time crunch to get out of the handcuffs. Why cut off your hand instead of chain on the cuffs?

I mean, Mad Max taught us all you can hack through the handcuff chain (even high tensile steel) in 10 minutes....

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  1. Well, they kind of made it seem as though the zombies were making pretty short work of that door. It seemed like a pretty emergent situation to me. So...I kind of got it. Plus, he was high. I don't think he was really in his right mind to begin with. What's bugging me is, where did he go? And was he responsible for taking the truck and possibly either transporting zombies back to camp or at the very least leading them there as an act of revenge?