Tuesday, August 30, 2011

God, I Love That Show

All the videos of the original show credits don't allow embedding. So, you get a Sci-Fi Channel promo.

Yeah, the show was sexist as hell, and it steered awfully close to cheese-tastic, but, damn...Steve Austin was the man. I mean, seriously, that's the best "hero name" of all time.

I so need to get me the DVD set. I have bootleg set, the the quality is so very, very poor.

I loved that show, and I'm enjoying Dynamite Comics new series, The Bionic Man, based on Kevin Smith's screenplay attempt. Though, why they just didn't negotiate to use the title of the original novel, by Martin Cadin, Cyborg, I'll never know.

I still say this property is so ripe for a big-screen treatment. I hope somebody get ahold of it with more imagination that turning it into a comedy vehicle for Jim Carrey or Chris Rock. This could be a really kick-ass action/adventure/spy thriller.


  1. Of course, you just made me want to see Robocop again.

    I was about to ask why the DVD set wasn't on your birthday list. Then I opened the link and did a spit take. Jerks.

  2. Well, I know someone who owns Robocop....

    Yeah, in all fairness, it's a REALLY nice set, and the show ran 5 years. $250 isn't really that bad.