Friday, August 5, 2011

A "Moment" While Browsing in Borders

Decided to take a spin through Borders over lunch, and I came across this book.

Comic-Con: Episode IV: A Fan's Hope is written by Morgan Spurlock, with some really stunning photography by Alba Tull. I knew Spurlock, he of Super-Size Me and Pom Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold fame, was putting together a San Diego Comic-Con movie, but I had no idea that there was to be a book, as well.

I actually got an ad by e-mail earlier today for a "Special Edition" of this book. (Because there always has to be a "Special Edition," right?) I just ignored it, I get that stuff all the time, and usually these things aren't worth the time, let alone the money.

But, something happened as I thumbed through the book...A sweeping sense of place and belonging. I've been to a lot of sci-fi and comic conventions, but there is nothing like being in San Diego.

There's a true sense that the entire world, or at least the entire world of geekdom is converging in this one place. The truly beautiful portraits and photos chronicling the crowds were rich and sharp. I could hear the constant rumble of humanity, the smell of unwashed masses and bad food. The frustrations of the long lines, and the ecstatic joy when you can shake the hand of a writer or artist you admire

It was a "sense memory" moment that was almost overwhelming.

No, SDCC is never, ever a "perfect" experience. There's always that one panel you couldn't get into, the damn line you waited in for 3 hours for a panel that ended up being lame, causing you to miss 3 other panels that would've been awesome. The crowds are nightmarish at times, and every moment you stop to catch your breath, there's a nagging sense that you're...missing...something!!

But, I wouldn't have missed it for anything.

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