Monday, August 8, 2011

One Of Those Days

That's from the cover of Marvel's Secret Wars #4. The bad guys dropped a mountain on the heroes, and The Hulk caught it. 

What can you do, right?

Saw Crazy, Stupid Love over the weekend. What a great film.

Seriously. Yeah, I love my sci-fi, my comic books, my superheroes, but I really do love a good romantic comedy, and I think Crazy, Stupid Love is about the best I've seen since Love, Actually (which is just unassailable, in my opinion, as the best romantic comedy since...I don't know, Annie Hall?). The cast is flat-out terrific, anchored by Steve Carrell and Mr. "so talented I hate him" Ryan Gosling.

Gosling, it appears to me, anyway, seems to be doing a riff on what the Hollywood system would like him to be, while Carrell is...well, doing that thing we all love him for. He's the hapless, good hearted guy who gets his heart stomped, makes a lot of mistakes, and still ends up a decent human being. They're matched very well by Emma Stone and Julianne Moore, respectively.

I liked how the film is just determined to play nice. No one's overly an asshole, and everyone has good qualities. It helps to drive home how easy it is to fall in love, and how hard it is to stay there. The supporting cast is all great, and the film provides a few twists that, I admit, I never saw coming.

Good time, a good date movie. Well made. When you see the trailer for New Years Eve (from the people who brought you Valentine's Day...because they somehow escaped our wrath) before the film, you realize how little thought an effort usually goes into this genre. I'll always champion an example that shows effort and talent.

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