Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Credit Cards Are Evil

No, I'm not badly in debt.

In fact, to most people, I'm completely out of debt. I have a little bit on my Guitar Center account, still under a no interest for 12 months plan. I have two other cards with less than that on them. Problem is, I've been trying to pay them off for about 2 months.

Stupid thing is, I keep using them. I have a couple of pre-orders from Amazon set for the next couple of months, and a list of things I'd like to buy...guitar TAB books, movies, etc. My no interest plan is up in December, so I need to get cracking on that too.

The point, I guess, is that, even when you have your cards relatively under control, the start to take over your life. I have become almost obsessed with trying to avoid paying interest. Which, y'know, is a good thing, but I also shouldn't get so damn uptight about a $2 interest charge on a couple of hundred dollars, right? It's silly, and it's relatively ridiculous to get obsessive about it, right?

Like everyone else, in college I let it get REALLY out of hand, and through the efforts and guidance of my lovely bride, I was released from that debt burden. Now, I just get completely freaked about it. I have two cards, and my Guitar Center account, and I wonder all the time if that's too much.

But I am, relatively stable, with a total debt that's not even $1000. What the hell am I worried about?

Oh, hell...really I'm just writing this to try to give myself permission to buy that Rush TAB book, and the new Neil Peart book.  The items sitting in my amazon shopping cart...STARING at me.

And, really...if I have to talk myself into it...It's not something to do.


Plus, y'know...I have to put away cash for SDCC nest year.

Responsibility sucks.

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