Thursday, September 1, 2011

DC's "New 52" Justice League #1

So I picked up my books yesterday, instead of waiting for the weekend, as usual. Yesterday was ground-zero of the "New DC Universe" with the release of Justice League #1, written by Geoff Johns, and art by Jim Lee.


I really liked it.

I mean, it's got a lot of things about it that just are what the comic format is these days, that I'm not fond of (trade pacing, etc), but, as a starting point, it makes lots of sense, from using your two best selling characters (Batman and Green Lantern) on out. I think it's a little weird to set the book "five years ago," but it does provide a way to show this group of characters first meetings without many story contortions.

I thought the "first meeting aspect was handled well. I really liked the characterizations of both Hal and Bruce. I disagree with people who say that Bruce is still a Dick in the new DC Universe. Judgmental, impatient, sure...but he also joins right in with Hal, as an equal....while also gathering data (I LOVED the taking the ring scene).

The Pre-Cyborg stuff...*YAWN*. Not that it was bad, but it just didn't really add to the drive of the story.

I loved how Superman appeared. I like that idea that trust is something the heroes have to earn from the rest of humanity. The tease of Darkseid didn't bother me at all, either as a established fan, or *trying* to put myself in the mindset of a new reader, it was a mystery to be unfolded.

Lots of energy and, even with the trade pacing, things happened. It didn't feel like all set-up. It was fun, and it was new-reader friendly, taking what a civilian might know from movies/childhood memories, and then just jumping into the story. Notice you really spend no time going into detail about Batman...because everyone knows the basics...but we do spend a bit of time setting up who and what Green Lantern is.

I still say Lee will be 4 issues behind by January. I've kinda grown to hate that guy, from his deadline destruction (not just blowing, but completely smashing), to his less than attentive attitude at conventions where I've seen him,  but the art is good, you can't say otherwise. I just feel like he's got to prove somethign to me, at this point...Johns, I'll give him a lot of leeway.

I think, while I wasn't thinking "over the moon GENIUS!!," this is a good, solid start to our new continuity, and I'm kinda finding myself really taken with the idea of starting fresh. We'll see how the rest of the line goes.

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