Friday, September 2, 2011

Learning Lines and Other Nonsense

Currently, I'm trying to get off book for my next show, while still keeping the dialogue for my current show in my head.

This can, at times, be a little tricky. It's especially tricky when, personally, I feel like I'm being pushed to get off book faster than is really necessary for the show in rehearsals. I mean, I'm all for getting off book ASAP, but...the pressure is getting to me.

I also have to learn/figure out three songs on the guitar for this show. Songs in styles that I'm not overly familiar/comfortable in. Nothing too hard, at least at this point, but...another stress.

What's really amusing me is...we JUST started. I mean, we're not even two weeks in, and we don't open/preview for over a month. I shouldn't be this cinched up about things at thins point. I shouldn't. I should still be having fun, and playing with things.

Hey, what are ya gonna do, right? You have a job, and this is what is required. I just can't seem to catch my breath. Fact is, with my schedule, I'm not gonna be catching my breath for a while.

Doesn't help that the humid Chicago summer picked yesterday to revisit, with a vengeance. Last night, the final fight scene just..came apart at the seams, for me. The lights were blinding me, I couldn't think, I was just out of my head (or in it, as we say) completely. Then, this morning, working out, the heat was just overwhelming.

Lord, I hate humidity.

Holiday weekend coming up, I suppose that's something. A day off.

My agent e-mailed with an audition on Tuesday, and I wrote back with some response. It's funny, I've been tryign to find a new agent for a while, got a couple of auditions, all luck. I just feel like...I'm not getting the support with my "team" that I should. I know I'm not a big earner, or anything, but...come on.

Otherwise. I dunno. I have a ply I have to read for another audition next Thursday. Have NO IDEA when that's going to get done. I suppose I could lay off the Kindle for a while, and read on the train, but, damn it, Hunger Games is rocking my world. What an awesome book. I'm anticipating ripping through all three fairly quickly.

Completely worth reading, if you haven't already. Ms. Collins is a good writer, and, frankly, I'm enjoying this FAR, FAR more than any of the Potter books I checked out. Characters are sharp, and the concept is very compelling. Love it.

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