Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Welcome to the World That I Create for Myself

First, I'll direct you to read this article.

Then, to read this response.

Now, you may find yourself just laughing, or making a few moron jokes about Sarah Grunfeld.

How short-sighted of you.

What we have, clearly, is a young woman who apparently can't decode basic English, and is dead certain that is not her problem. A girl who entered a institution of higher learning, apparently with an attitude that the assumptions she makes are just as valid, if not more so, than the data being provided by her instructors. A girl who chose to hear what she wanted to hear, formulated outrage based on incomplete data and personal opinion, and then held unshakably firm to her interpretation of the facts. Miss Grunfeld has created for herself a world where there is right, a.k.a what she believes, and wrong, a.k.a. any other opinion.

In other words, a shining example of an internet-age human being. Her reasoning and attitude mirrors almost any internet posting, on any subject, you will find. Kudos to Miss Grunfeld for having the courage to bravely flaunt her ignorance outside of cyberspace, without hiding behind an internet "handle" or some other such hogwash. I hope she moves forward to tackle politics, or maybe internet piracy next.

I think we have our first candidate for the Nobel Prize.

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