Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Moment of Evaluation

Sometimes, I feel kind of lame to have my own tracks on my iPod. I remember back in college, there was a guy I knew who was described as "he plays his own band's music while he drives around." Which, probably rightly, seemed really lame.

Of course, on the other hand. I'm sure I listen to my stuff more than anyone else. Somebody should be enjoying it, right.

Anyway, this is just prologue.

I listened to some of my older tracks this morning, and then two on my newest, and, y'know, I feel like I'm progressing. I still wouldn't all myself a "great" singer, but I'm far more in control of my voice, and open to pushing it, than I used to be. Of course, I'm also just getting better at recording vocals, and have more tools for that job. Even at that, the vocals on the finished version of MonkeySex actually sound...kinda cool, to me.

Do they sound "perfect" or are they all that they could be? Probably not. Sometimes I do still wonder if I shouldn't try to lock down a vocalist.

The older stuff? Some tracks I handled well enough, but most...just cringe-inducing.

All in all, I'm just excited about what's happening. I feel like I've got a set of songs that are of a unified thought process, yet distinct. I feel like my guitar playing is stronger than it has been in a while. Or, maybe I've just come to a place where I don't feel like I have so much to prove. Solos and such, I feel more and more free to just play, and not worry about if it's complicated or technical enough. I mean, I'm just not an overly technical player.

It's been SEVEN YEARS since I last released music. I kinda freak out about that. However, what I'm listening to makes me feel that, while I ain't brilliant, or anything, I have gotten better in that time.

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