Monday, August 12, 2013

New Day, New Title

Zep is no more. Now, I call it Dark Water, and I THINK it's done. I may muck about with the vocals, but the song works...surprisingly well, honestly. I had sort of come to a point where I was wondering where the acoustic/clean tone guitar part, which was the whole genesis of calling the song Zep, went, but then I realized that I didn't miss it, at all, really.

Now it's not perfect, but nothing ever is. I suspect the lead break/guitar solo is too long, and the progression under it too static.That said, I think it's time to let it go. I could get locked into my own head, and chase "perfection" for ever...and I'll never, ever get there.

So, I'm putting it to bed.

Unless I wanna try another run at the vocal part...

I also started on Deliverance, I've laid down the basic guitar, drums and the bass part. I'm digging it. It's a slower, more open sounding track.

I'm not digging what sounds like a short in my crash cymbal trigger. I worked around it for the drum
part, but I can't, at the moment, get a ringing crash out of it. It cuts off like I've hit it again. Of course, I think that might be vibration in the frame, and I heard it triggering when I hit the snare, at points.

I'll work it out.

The tune is a bit more "open," I think. Lyric ideas, at least to start, are based on the film.

So, yeah..."Squeal like a pig"

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