Thursday, August 15, 2013

R.I.P. Allen Lanier

We lost Allen Lanier, one of the founding members of Blue Oyster Cult, yesterday.

BOC was a big band for my friends and I in High School. Much like Rush, Blue Oyster Cult represented a band who wasn't trapped in the "party, chicks, party, chicks, repeat" song cycle. There was a sense of humor, and even depth to what they did. Godzilla, in the live video above, was a personal favorite, not only because of the wit of the lyrics, but then a bit of profoundness:

History shows again and again 
How nature points out the folly of man

Which is a pretty concise thematic statement for the first Godzilla film.

 Lanier played keyboards and rhythm guitar. He also worked with Patti Smith, and even carried on a short fling with her. The band never really got HUGE, but they had their hits. Still, if you like heavy rock at all, the first seven BOC albums are well worth checking out.

Allen Lanier

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