Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hey! It's Thursday!!

And I have little to nothing to say, my friends.

My callback last night went pretty darn well. I was happy, and it's a familiar, comfortable environment. I doubt I'll get it, mainly because I have my sights on another show that conflicts with this one. I spoke up, because I have a good relationship with the folks, and company, from last night, and I want to maintain it. I like to leave people who want to work with me again in my wake.

It won't always happen, but that's my goal.

It is a sign to me that I've been here a good long time when I seem to know more people at auditions than I don't. Seems there's always a face from the past that I'm happy to see. Sometimes it's been so long that it's almost like seeing a ghost. People from shows years ago, or short films, or whatever, and you spend a few moments just sort of...looking.

"Is that? Hmmm...I don't know..."

looks traded, then someone (usually not me, I'm terrible with names), finally says, "Mark, right?"

...and we're off.

Everyone always says theatre is a small world. It's so true.

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