Monday, October 5, 2009

Just when I get out.....

Every time I open a show, I have that moment when I think:

"Ahh...NOW things will slow down for a bit."

Yeah, right.

Plans 1-8 From Outer Space is up and running. I feel pretty good about it, the only downside being the lack of sleep. Late night shows and I are not really on friendly terms. I tend to wake up the minute light comes through the window, which, after you've been out until 3:00, isn't a great thing.

Of course, the cycle will now begin again...I have two auditions tonight, a callback tomorrow, and a third audition on Saturday. They all look like worthwhile projects, but, I have to admit, Saturday's is probably the one I'm the most excited about. It's a very, very dark story. When I told Cbyrd the subject matter, she gave me that "eww" face.

LOL! I love it.

So, like I said, the cycle begins. The juggling, not just the schedules, but determining which is going to be the priority if more than one comes to fruition. All three of these shows are in the same general time frame, so I'd have to choose. Right now, from where I sit...Saturday's the winner. It's performing in a very well-known location, and I was recommended for it by a casting director that I'd like to actually win a role she suggested me for.

So, we shall see.

Also made headway on the music front. I have a couple of tracks "in progress" that, at the moment, I like a lot. Of course, all the ones I've tossed out I liked a lot, at one point or another, too. I'm still working in a "hard rock" style, I don't think I could escape the Springsteen influence if I tried, but I'm trying to think it terms of a 70's hard rock sound, The Who, Led Zeppelin or the Stones. That kinda thing.

No, I DON'T think it's that good, but that's the "feel" I'm aiming for. Kinda bluesy, but also heavy. In any case, last night I was playing, really enjoying myself, and feeling creative, so, perhaps the dry spell has passed.

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