Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Damn, that rice pudding last night hit the spot. Seriously, I'm on some sort of crazy rice pudding addiction right now. I ate like 22 oz. of the stuff last night...

So good.

Andrew Lloyd Weber's putting up his sequel to Phantom of the Opera next year...God help us all.

I keep wanting to so a "Mark's Bookshelf" blog, but whenever I think about it, I end up with one more book I wanna finish before I do it. Silly and stupid, I know, but it's the new Michael Chabon book!!! How can I not acknowledge that?

Speaking of which, Mike, love your books with all my heart. I'm always happy for even a collection of essays, as this new one is. That being said PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE work faster on a new novel. I'm dying out here!

Still in a bit of a struggle about my lack of projects. It's so hard to write about these things, as I really don't have any place to complain, and because I, as stated, intellectually know that it's just a turn of the card, or a roll of the dice. It's not a reflection on my talent, or lack thereof. However, that doesn't help the heart or ego all that much.

The other pain in the ass this week was finding out that all of the San Diego Comic Con tickets that would allow entrance to preview night the Wednesday before the official opening are sold out. Apparently, they've taken action to limit the people in the building for Preview Night. Not really a bad idea, as in 2008 the floor was so crowded you could barely move. Nightmarishly crowded.

Still, part of the ritual of the whole thing is now not available. As the boys have said, it just means we can go have our dinner earlier. Which is true, and we can get registered on Wednesday, and head right to the floor on Thursday. All good.

Anyway, I bought my ticket, the hotel is booked, so we're on our way. 10 months to go.

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