Thursday, October 1, 2009

Man, this was a long day...

I am ready to go home, and play a little guitar, I think.

Hopefully something good will come from it. I've had a few ideas dancing in my noggin today.

Need to work in a monologue for Monday night, and I have an audition for my theatre company's next show that night as well. Movin' right along, as they say. I guess I'm pretty low-stress about it. The monologue thing always makes me tense. In the last 6 months, after a LONG dry spell, I've had several auditions where I've been asked to prepare a monologue.

I HATE doing monologues, but that's part and parcel with this work. I consider myself very lucky to have gotten away without them for so long, but it makes getting back on that horse that much harder. Plus, I've been using the same monologues for WAY too long.

Way, WAY too long.

So, I'm trying to get a new one into the rotation. If there's anything I dislike more than monologue auditions, it's picking out a monologue. I used to get a little excited about it, and saw it as a chance to do role that I'd reallly like to play, even just for a minute and a half.

Trouble is, the roles I like? I think every other guy of my "type" does too...LOL

We shall see how this goes.

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