Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I continue to slack off...

Yeah, yeah...I've not been keeping up with the blog.

Here's the deal, We're in tech week for Here Where It's Safe at Stage Left. I'm the assistant director, which means I really don't have a lot of pressing tasks or responsibilities, but I also feel like I should be at as many rehearsals as possible. I spend a lot of time just watching.

Which, silly as it seems, can be really draining.

More to the point, however, I have little time for anything else in my life at the moment. I read when I can, and watch movies when I can, but I've had precious little time to work on music, or write. I am looking forward pulling out of this particular creative tailspin.

As an update....


The new set of tracks was going pretty well, but then I got hung up on the latest. I've been re-evaluating everything from the top down. It's struck me that my lyrics have gotten "dumb" again, and I lack the David Lee Roth ability to make that seem natural. I'm gonna strip all the vocals off everything I've done so far, and just listen to the music tracks for a while. Try to get inspired by what I hear, and use that to spark some new lyrical content.

It means throwing out, essentially, about 50 pages of lyric ideas and notes I have in my notebook right now. However, I think it'll ultimately pay off better.

I'm still struggling with the drum machine. Lord, how I wish someone I knew, who lived within 100 miles, was a drummer. Oh, hell...I'd just like some real people to play with, bounce ideas off off, etc.

(Yeah, I know, it's about the 5 billionth time I've written that)


The adaptation I've been working on is dead. Well, City Lit passed on it, anyway. Fair play all around, they, in the end, just didn't like the book. Perfectly fair reason to pass. My adaptation my arise from the ashes at some point, but, right now, I need to move on.

So, I've had an idea for a play for a very long time. The seed was planted on April 20th, 1999. Now, the job is to coax the story out of my skull in an entertaining and interesting way. I've made a decent start at a first draft, but, again like the music, I've felt distracted.

I also really feel like I ought to make a few revisions to Neon (including a new title), and maybe send it out into the world. It's been round and around since the first draft was produced in 1999. (You have to scroll down...and, yeah...first pains me to admit that) I think I've tinkered and pounded on it as much as I can...the baby needs to walk or fall on it's own.


Yep, I'm actively working to find something, anything to do...It's highly likely I'll be a part of the Stage Left Leapfest festival in June. So, I have that going for me. Otherwise, audition, audition, audition....

With relatively little success.

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