Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Comic Day 3.10.2010

I've been slack on this little feature for the last few weeks. Yeah...I suck.

Here's what we're looking at in stores for Mark today...

Batman and Robin #10

1:25 variant Cover by ANDY CLARKE

Ok, so APPARENTLY this arc is going to involve actual conflict, well, physical conflict, between Bruce Wayne's adopted son, Dick Grayson (the new Batman), and his biological son, Damian (the new Robin [IV, no, wait, V, or maybe VI, if you count The Dark Knight Returns].) Of course, we all know COMIC BOOK COVERS LIE LIKE DOGS.

Still a top-notch, fun read. Top that off with the fact it feels like it's been bi-weekly for the last 3-4 issues. Well done, team.

Red Robin #10

Art and Cover by MARCUS TO and RAY MCCARTHY

Bruce Wayne's OTHER adopted son, Tim Drake (Robin III), now having taken on his new identitiy as Red Robin, (Why not "Red Rover," he could yell "COME ON OVER!!" when he rushes into battle.) has encountered his former, thought dead, girlfriend Stephanie Brown, who used to be called The Spoiler, was also a Robin (IV, or V...That pesky Dark Knight Returns thing, again), but is now the new Batgirl (IV, for those keeping track at home). She also happens to be the daughter of Batman foe The Cluemaster (who was sort of a Riddler rip-off), and was responsible for instigating a massive gang war among the criminal organizations of Gotham City. That, as you might expect, caused some turmoil in the relationship. Will they get back Together? Will this squash Tim's burgeoning relationship with Tam Fox, daughter of Wayne Foundation bigwig Lucius Fox?

Who says comic books are complicated?

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #8

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: Takeshi Miyazawa
COVER BY: David LaFuente

I love this series, but there's a part of me that wishes they'd own up to the actual thrust of this new direction. Just call it Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Ok? Aunt May has taken in a whole passel of teenagers, and they're all living in the Parker residence, out there in Queens. The Human Torch and Iceman are living there, along with the possibly symbiot-infected Gwen Stacy, and Kity Pryde (of X-Men fame) lives down the street. Last issue we found out Rick Jones (who is all over Marvel Comics lore, and it's WAY too much to go into here) also lives down the street, and is manifesting powers. So, May sent the boys over to try to help the new kid figure out this new super-power trip.

See? Easy, anybody can follow this.

...And on the "Maybe" list:

Justice League Rise and Fall Special #1

Art and 1:25 variant Cover by MIKE MAYHEW

This is a total toss-up for me. It's a direct continuation from Robinson's Justice League: Cry for Justice mini-series that, quite frankly, sucked. He's also writing the regular Justice League of America title, and...let's just say I read it for the art. However, it's a big story for Green Arrow, as anybody who actually made it through Cry for Justice (God help you, and me) can attest, and I have a soft spot for the Emerald Archer.

That's pretty much the most insidious thing about comics as a hobby. You get invested in characters, and it'll lead you to read stuff that you just know isn't going to be very good, just because you know something "important" might happen. I gotta decide if I'm gonna break the chain here, or not.

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