Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Selfish Post

I started this blog over on MySpace..

(What? What the hell is MySpace? Is that some sort of caveman thing? Did my mother use that?)

Their blog interface kinda sucked, and made looking for older entries a pain in the ass. I have no qualms about ditching it. I do, however, maintain my MySpace page...meaning I check it occasionally...and those posts, about 3 years worth, are there if you want to go looking.

It did have one thing that blogger apparently doesn't...a way to track the number of visitors to your blog. I have absolutely no clue if this is a feature I'm just annoyingly unaware of, or if it just simply doesn't exist. I'm also not excited about setting up the "monetize" stuff, just so I can know there's only 4 people reading.

Yes, I am curious about who, and how many people, are reading this...I guess it's a vanity thing.

So, I guess I'm begging for one of two things...Either somebody show me how to see site visit numbers, or, hey...sign up as a "follower."


  1. You could install a simple hit counter- free code all over the net. But I suggest taking advantage of the free Google Analytics service. You enter the URL of your website and then copy/paste some code just before the /BODY tag in the HTML of any page on that site you wish to track. Et voila. You can go to Google Analytics and mine all kindsa crazy stats.

  2. But what if we don't want you to know we are stalking you?

  3. I also want to speak in favor of Google Analytics--you won't be able to use half of the information, but it's still pretty fascinating stuff. It doesn't have an aggregate hit counter, I think, but it displays them by month.

  4. Ok, I've installed the analytics. If I put it on the main page, will that cover all the individual posts?