Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Thinking

I find myself sitting here with very little to say. It was an extremely busy weekend.

Took a road trip out to Dyersville, IA for a wedding on Saturday night, and then zipped out to the Field of Dreams movie site Sunday morning before we drove back.

The movie site is pretty cool, and I'm really glad we went. The movie has such magic, and hits right at the heart of the father/son dynamic that seems to get me every time. One thing I will caution is that, if you expect to really feel something out there on that baseball diamond, you will be disappointed.

It's a beautiful spot, especially right now when the corn is high, and that is very much worth a stop. There were some folks trying to get a pick-up game together, and so I got to take a couple of pitches, and that was nice. Don't expect to spend more than about a half hour.

The traffic on the trip back was nightmarish, but we made it. All good. I had intended to head down to Market Days on Halstead last night to catch Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, but I was so tired, I just collapsed in front of the TV after playing the guitar a bit.

Friday night was rehearsal for Sound of a Yellow Flower with Strangeloop Theatre in Evanston. well the rehearsals are in Evanston, the show is going up at Trap Door Theatre in Chicago, proper. That probably means nothing to my readers outside of Chicago, but Yellow Flower is rehearsing, mainly, in Evanston, which is a northern suburb of Chicago. Generally speaking, it's about 45 minutes to an hour by L train to get up there.

I get off work at 6:00, and rehearsal starts about 7:00.

So, yeah. It's pretty quick, and not a lot of room for messing around, or, y'know, food. Getting up to Evanston isn't the problem, really, it's the coming back at night. I get in really late pretty much no matter what I do.

...But that's the job, y'know. Hi-Diddley-Dee, and all that fun stuff.

This, however, is starting to compound, I think. Rehearsal is pretty much always a good time for me, Yellow Flower is absolutely no exception (Strangeloop is good people), but I have to admit, I am feeling run-down these days. I'm not sleeping well, lots of odd nightmares and waking up feeling disoriented during the night. Lot of things weighing on me right now, I think.

(No, it's nothing personal...CByrd and I are fine)

I guess I'm angry about a lot of things, and, where many times this would only motivate me to try to "make them better," I feel completely removed from them now. I just wonder if I even care anymore. If I don't care, why do I keep going through the motions?

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