Thursday, April 28, 2011

I have Really Nothing To Share Today

Other than the usual, "Hey, The Copperhead is back on stage tonight...three weeks left, NOW WITH THURSDAYS!!"

So, Yeah, otherwise...It's Thursday.

One thing I can write about. I am not a huge Kiss fan, I'm just not. I have respect for the band, even if most of their innovations and ground-breaking was in the realm of promotion and showmanship, rather than, y'know, actual music. That, however, is still demanding of respect, because they really did, in a lot of ways show everyone how to do it. If they end up in the Hall of Fame, I'm good, because it is a legacy and a part of the tapestry of Rock.

But I was never a huge fan of the music.

On a lark, I downloaded Alive II. I don't know, I thought I ought to own some Kiss, and the first two Alive albums are legendary. Most of it is, y'know, Kiss. Catchy, decently played hard rock with a sexual subtext to everything. However, when "God of Thunder" started, I was kinda blown away by the riff. It's pretty awesome hard rock.

And with that...a moment of zen.

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