Monday, April 25, 2011

The Road To Hell....

I *intended* to work on music yesterday. We didn't have a show, because of Easter, and I was going to hold up in my studio, try to work some stuff out.

Feeling very stagnant, musically, lately. I've been lazy, and not working when I had the chance. (been watching a lot of TV, though) I have been picking up the guitar, riffing a bit, unplugged, and I have some decent ideas. I just need to MAKE myself get up from in front of the damn TV, and go work on 'em.

Now, in all fairness to myself, it's not just the couch potato issue. I've also been trying to spend a LOT more time exercising between now and the Leapfest show I'm doing. I'm gonna have to be in various stages of undress during that, and playing a character who is fit, so I do feel some pressure to slim down. So, yeah...a lot more time on the bike in the evenings, these days.

(Of course, I also just stuffed a bag of jelly beans down my throat over lunch....*sigh* I REALLY love jelly beans.)

It's funny how life becomes these jigsaw puzzles of time. Little bits and pieces that take up such-and-such amount of time, and need to fit together with the other pieces that also take up such-and-such amount of time. I feel, sometimes, like my whole life is about working out a schedule.

Yeah, yeah...It starts to annoy me. When you're young, you think you'll fight tooth and nail to no be beholden to some idiot clock or schedule, and then, slowly, unrelentingly, you give up to it, little by little. Now, that sounds much more horrifying than it actually is, but I think it is true. Maybe there is a way to live without getting more and more regimented as you go along. Frankly, I think, as I've gotten older, regimentation has made me better at the things I want to do. More focus made me a better actor, a better guitarist. To deny that, is just cutting yourself (or, myself, I guess) off from a tool that is proving useful.

We had seventy-two folks on the books for The Copperhead this past Saturday, no clue how many were actually in the house. In any case, it was the largest audience so far. I hope that's a sign of good things to come. Some good people came out to see me, too. Sean H., Jeremy and Erica H., thanks, guys!

I am becoming aware of the impending close of the show. Three weekends left, and then...that's it. I try not to think about it too much, because there are many people in this cast who've become faces I really look forward to seeing. Knowing that I won't so often just sorta hangs out there.

That is the life, however, and we all know it. It is sad that the truly special ones can't hang out just a bit longer.

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