Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tooting My Own Horn

OK, folks...we're back at it with The Copperhead tomorrow night, with four weekends left to go.

I know this is a broken record, but I am insanely proud of this show, and this cast. Even if no one else liked this show, it would be one of the best experiences of my career, so far. The fact that the critical responses have been far more positive than negative is simply the icing on the cake. At this point, I believe all of the reviews we expected to get have come in, so I feel safe posting a "review round-up."

Chicago Tribune – Three Stars
“The play has an enormous cast by modern standards, and Scambiatterra has filled it with actors who can handle the straight drama while finessing the funnier moments… Milt is the anchor throughout it all, and in the hands of actor Mark Pracht, he is a tall, strapping, stubborn American individualist who commands your attention with his measured words.”
- Nina Metz

Stead Style Chicago – Highly Recommended
“Making it all immediate and engrossing is Director Kathy Scambiattera, a wonderworker who brings out the best in the best...In a role first created by a young Lionel Barrymore, Mark Pracht plays the conflicted Milt with absolute authenticity, with solid support from a terrific 15-member cast.”
-Lawrence Bommer

The Chicago Reader – Recommended
“…capable actors invest unstintingly. It works. Confrontations between Shanks and his wife are searing, a proper young couple's first kiss is notably hot, and Mark Pracht's climactic monologue as Shanks is spellbinding.”
-Dan Weissmann

Chicago Critic – Highly Recommended 
“Mark Pracht’s excellent performance as the low-key Milt Shanks leads a terrific ensemble in a rarely produced classic American drama. The Copperhead does justice to the American Experience through a well structured play.”
-Tom Williams

Chicago Theater Blog – Three Stars 
“Scambiatterra elicits great performances from her strappy cast. Pracht does a fine job with the austere Shanks, remaining strong and level, while still revealing glimpses of vulnerability – we know he is still a human being in a crazy situation.”
- Barry Eitel

Windy City Times 
“…when the moment of our hero's redemption finally looms, the tension in the room is palpable.”
-Mary Shen Barnidge

Centerstage Chicago – Recommended, A “Must See” Show
“This is a play with some great performances as well as production values, and its dialogue, though written nearly a hundred years ago, is fresh, affecting and funny.”
-Rory Leahy

The Copperhead is a show you shouldn't miss. It's a tale well told by a talented cast and production team, and, frankly I'd tell you to see it even if I wasn't in it.

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