Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Guitar Just Keeps LOOKING at Me

Hello my dear and faithful readers. Sorry about a missing Monday post, I'll try to make up for it.

Tuesday has been quite hellish, so far. First there was a whole issue with the CTA that ended up putting me something like an hour and a half late for work. Not to mention, standing, waiting for various buses, in a pouring rain. I swear to God, if I get sick before we swing back into The Copperhead for the weekend...

Speaking of which, we got our first really awful review today, which didn't help my mood when I finally got to work, sopping wet. You can't expect everyone to love everything you do. I LOVE this show, I love this cast, many people have embraced it, and the other reviews we've gotten, as well as our Jeff Recommendation, support that. So, y'know, blow off.


I NEED to get back to work on recording and writing. I try to pick up the Les Paul every day, and mess around with some riffs I've got going, but I've been unable to find a lot of time to really get down to business. Plus, I've sorta come to a point where I have to start finishing stuff. When I have managed to work on music, I've been spending more time transcribing than anything else, and that's really not all that much fun. It has to be done, for certain, because I'm not going to get into another Where Have All the Heroes Gone situation, where I can barely remember how to play any of the songs. (If at all.)

The guitar just STARES at me. Really! It's true! She sits over there, on her stand, constantly judging me. "Why aren't we making music? You've got some decent riffs in your head." Of course, there's quite a few non-decent ones, too.

Work must progress. It's an imperative.

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